Digitalaalim – Admin empowers you to construct a next-generation chatbot, Digitalaalim, by providing a robust suite of information gathering methods. This project equips you with tools for: OCR (Google Vision AI), Whisper AI, Google Translate API etc

Completion Date: March 2024 | Tools: Langchain, GPT 4, Google Vision AI, Whisper AI , Google Cloud APIs , Fastapi, React.js

Tech Stack:

  • GPT-4: Harness the power of GPT-4, a state-of-the-art large language model, to train your chatbot for exceptional conversational fluency and knowledge.
  • LongTrainer: Ensure thorough and efficient training of your chatbot model with LongTrainer, a library specifically designed for large language models.
  • React.js: Develop a user-friendly and responsive admin interface for managing your chatbot’s data and functionalities using the popular React.js framework.
  • MongoDB: Store and manage your chatbot’s training data effectively with the scalable and flexible MongoDB database solution.
  • Ubuntu Server: Deploy your chatbot on a reliable and secure Ubuntu Server environment.
  • Google Translate API: Integrate seamless multilingual capabilities into your chatbot using the Google Translate API.
  • Whisper AI: Leverage Whisper AI’s advanced speech recognition technology to convert spoken language into high-quality text for training.
  • Google Vision AI: (Optional) Consider incorporating Google Vision AI to extract visual data from images and enhance your training data comprehensiveness.

Project Description:

Digitalaalim – Admin provides a comprehensive set of functionalities designed to empower you in creating an exceptional chatbot, Digitalaalim. This project goes beyond traditional text-based training by offering innovative methods for data acquisition:

  • OCR Integration: Extract valuable text content from images like documents or screenshots, broadening the scope of your training data and enabling your chatbot to interact with a wider range of information formats.
  • Speech-to-Text Functionality: Utilize the power of Whisper AI to convert spoken interactions into text, allowing you to incorporate natural conversational language patterns into your training data. This fosters a more natural and engaging user experience with the chatbot.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Integrate the Google Translate API to equip your chatbot with multilingual communication abilities. This allows you to cater to a broader audience and removes language barriers for users worldwide.
  • Paraphrasing Techniques: Introduce diverse sentence structures and improve comprehension with built-in paraphrasing functionalities. This empowers your chatbot to understand and respond to user queries phrased in different ways.
  • User Control Features: Provide users with the ability to personalize their interactions with the chatbot through intuitive control features. This can include functionalities like setting preferences, managing chatbot responses, or providing feedback.

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